1. Vern New Member

    how do i check if clone would like to know if been ripped off on the bay
  2. xaaxa ShapeShifter

    I don’t know how by looking! (never seen a clone) but if you get the above message,you sure got one! :(
    Maybe some of the staff here will post where to get REAL X5 boxes and we wont have to worry about clones.
    I bought my EyeBox X5 on eBay and it is not clone, same seller has OpenBox X5 so ,probably ok too ??
    my 2 cents
  3. xaaxa ShapeShifter

    If you get an X5 CLONE post the seller info here!
    So we can avoid the problem!
  4. xaaxa ShapeShifter

    After the data leave the X5 ? no control ! internet to destination,,, No control! :eek:
  5. Vern New Member

    i will ask seller if is clone
  6. Vern New Member

    power off button at back now box is back working normal.
  7. xaaxa ShapeShifter

    That's how to check and see,if new firmware loads, you are ok.
    Load it up!
  8. xaaxa ShapeShifter

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  9. xaaxa ShapeShifter

  10. nachman New Member

    ?? what?
  11. Vern New Member

    alright so my box is real and not clone yes can watch all channels with card share new cam working with this update so that copyright screen is gone now rebooted
  12. xaaxa ShapeShifter

    X5 have no control of data that has left the unit in route to destination, what is it you ask?
  13. xaaxa ShapeShifter

    Thats very nice :) enjoy your X5.
  14. mapi New Member

    When a new firmware?
  15. Vern New Member

    Now you could add this seller rovestar80 from Ebay UK to list as genuine openbox x5 seller. This who is i got my box off he was very helpful and sent me here to get updates and help.
  16. james Administrator

    X5 model, now in market, no clone.
    For this problem, it is security IC problem.. because receiver need to check with security IC when start to work..
    So maybe it is Security IC problem..

    Try this way, maybe it can be fixed.
    In this page, Press Menu->Network Setup, make ethernet network or wifi network working,, then restart the receiver to check the problem fix or not.

    If still problem, so it means Hardware problem..
  17. james Administrator

    English String, pls check

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  18. james Administrator

    Pls change another USB and check again.
  19. Sameer Member

    I changed the USB and now it is work ... thank you very much!
  20. raynos New Member

    Is there a way for the new SW can include ping and % of packet loss to test the cccam server install in the openbox X5. So we know the problem comes from the server or the SW.

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